WEISSLICH 4 – 31.10.2015

Our fourth concert took place at Hundred Years Gallery on 31 October 2015 and featured the usual mix of cross-disciplinary performances of experimental music and realisations of text scores.

David Pocknee and Ana Lemnaru read and flipped pages in David’s Cipher For The Lighthouse Twins,

Eleanor Cully peppered pips, pops, plops, plicks, peps, and plishes through her flute’s head-joint in ppppppp,

Michael Baldwin opened his mouth only once during Beavan Flanagan‘s No sweeter sound than my own name,

Leo Svirsky singer-songleweisered it at the piano with a medley of music by Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, and Christian Wolff,

Robert Blatt‘s All Together Now had the audience twisting for snatches of fleeting harmonies,

and Louis d’Heudieres went skateboarding around the London Borough of Hackney in his mind and through his voice during a performance of Jennifer Walshe‘s THIS IS WHY PEOPLE O.D. ON PILLS.

Many thanks to the featured artists for participating in our WEISSLICH 4 Interview.

Many thanks to Graham Mackeachan from Hundred Years Gallery for these photos:

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And many thanks to Tom Hartford for filming.