Better Know A Weisslich: Beavan Flanagan

Bangers for your belly, romantic apples, and this futuristic pedagogic resource:

‘What is This Thing Called Trumpet?’ (2014)

Welcome to the musical mind of Beavan Flanagan – another composer featured as part of our Better Know A Weisslich series in the lead up to our 31 October concert at Hundred Years Gallery.

Beavan is a Canadian composer currently based in Manchester where he is pursuing a PhD at The University of Huddersfield. Beavan writes music for instrumentalist and electronic mediums, and starting from 2013 began making experimental sound art. I became especially interested in his music with the first of his experimental sound art pieces, No Chance Music, a web-based piece that feels an awful lot like playing the sound art lottery – just as hopeless as the national lottery and with a reward equally fleeting as it is rare. Continue reading “Better Know A Weisslich: Beavan Flanagan”