WEISSLICH 5 – 09.01.2016

Our fifth concert took place at Hundred Years Gallery on 09 January 2016 and featured Alice Purton and Samuel Stoll performing a mix of cross-disciplinary performance pieces and experimental music.

David Pocknee started the evening by paying tribute to Alison Knowles in Stephen Chase‘s bean pouring piece, ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles.

Samuel Stoll encountered Stephen Crowe‘s Tenvelopes once again.

Louis d’Heudieres and Alice Purton variably expressed and re-animated frozen forms of aural memory for a performance of Louis’ Laughter Studies.

Alice Purton conjured through her cello a divination of Panurge’s alchemical dream in Fabrice Fitch‘s Per Serafino Calbarsi II: Le Songe de Pangure 

Michael Baldwin and Samuel Stoll barely brought soon-to-be legacy media to life with nylon hairs in Georgy Dorokhov‘s counter-exposition I

Samuel Stoll simultaneously resounded multiple forms of himself in Michael Baldwin’s Buzzed.

David Pocknee unwrapped the present he gifted to himself at the start of the concert during a second performance of ukelelevent #3.

Many thanks for Dimitri Djuric for taking these photos:

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Many thanks to Hundred Years Gallery for taking these photos:

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