WEISSLICH 2 – 14.02.2015

WEISSLICH 2 took place at Hundred Years Gallery on 14 January 2015 and featured James Saunders‘s instruments with recordings, which “comprises a series of environmental recordings paired with sustained pitches played by instruments which reinforce a pitch component found in each recording.” (James Saunders)

saunders_1There were six of us performing the piece: on stylophone, toy keyboard, electric guitar, recorder, violin, and tuba.

We also had David Pocknee‘s Conditioned, a piece which deals with Pavlovian processes of habituation,

michael_david_1Louis d’Heudieres‘s for David and Ruben on 14/02/2015, which looks at human perception as a performative filter,

Alex Nikiporenko‘s Violin Rounds, written specially for violinist Ruben Zilberstein, which used logical mathematical permutations of intervals,

Michael Baldwin‘s Urtext, a piece for listener, which you can watch below,

and Matthew Lee Knowles‘s The Aristocrats, a 15-minute monologue providing a uniquely stomach-churning take on the joke which is a staple for many stand up comedians.


Many thanks to Huw Crowley for filming.