WEISSLICH 1 – 03.05.2014

The first WEISSLICH concert took place at Hundred Years Gallery on 03 May 2014 and featured new music and performances from UK-based artists and composers alongside realisations of text scores by Fluxus artists. There was:

an explanation of cosmic gravity by Jammie Nicholas using a large sheet of spandex and some gobstoppers,


Michael Baldwin‘s whistles wittle, which involves the air streams coming from two performers’ mouths interacting at close range,


an audience-involved performance of Alison Knowles’s classic Shoes of your choice,

an amalgalm of pieces from the Fluxus workbook and online project Text Score A Day enacted by David Pocknee,


Charlie Sdraulig‘s between, a piece that explores aural and perceptual extremities via intricately detailed interaction between two musicians, performed by Ilze Ikse (flute) and Elo Masing (violin),

a set of variations on Peter Ablinger’s white noise piece Panpiece,

Reconstruction #2, a solo flute piece written by Louis d’Heudieres especially for Ilze Ikse, which looked at performative vulnerability,

How to explain songs to a jellied eel, a two-parter from Andy Ingamells, who first tackled definitions of intermedia head on and then gently guided us into a meditative trance,

Andy Ingamells teaches us a lesson in humility

and finally, a group realisation of George Brecht’s Comb Event.

Many thanks to Meissa Maytreia for filming.